Win 8.1: The “return” of start button :)

I updated my win8 on my Desktop computer (NB i am using win only for play:-),  to version 8.1;
I had already previously provided to disable that shit named Metro and used Classic Shell to restore the old menu but …
Reading about start button return,coming win 8.1 update, I said “i can try it”  then i removed Classic shell, Metro was recovered automatically, and after i’ve update win to 8.1 through “amazing” Windows store. After reboot start button appeared  but …. clicking it, you enter in Metro (!!)  so which is utility of this start button?????
Therefore despite user requests, Windows Start button  is back but with “reduced features”than we usually find on Windows Seven and earlier (in practice there is only a shortcut to enter in metro and nothing else)
Evidently in Redmond haven’t figured out that the request was not to have the windows shortkey, but to have the old  windows MENU …
moral of the history,
If you want  dear old menu  i suggest you to Classic shell, (in my case i have to reinstall it:) a free application allows users to restore the Start Menu in Windows 8.
Installation is easy and you can choose the style of the menu between “classic”, “XP” or “Windows 7” (it will still be able to switch to Metro if you want)
The program also has a user interface where you can apply all appropriate customizations such as disable the obnoxious pop-up menu (the so-called hot corner) that appears when you go with the mouse over the corners of the screen.
There are an infinity of programs  performing the same function as Classic shell, such as:
Start8 (is not gratis but it’s worth a try)
Below an example of menu with classic shell and with start8
Classic Shell menu                                           Start8 menu
classichsell          start8

If you don’t have a tablet, I highly recommend trying them:)

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2 Responses to Win 8.1: The “return” of start button :)

  1. flyer says:

    ottimo suggerimento 🙂

  2. zack says:

    Classic Shell is better than Start8 IMO.

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