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Finally, after months of thoughts, doubts, research and discussions on various forums, I made my choice and ordered the Celestron 6 SE (,Schmidt-Cassegrain,150mm, f10)
Premise, I absolutely wanted an automated telescope, that is, a scope that can point and above all track the object: this has inevitably increased the budget.
I initially started with the idea of ​​a Dobson 200 mm (collapsible with Go-to), but then I realized that I would need space in the house and above all moving it would not have been easy due to the considerable weight
I then shifted my interest to equatorial mounts, which are ideal for astrophotography: I was thinking of a 200 Newtonian (Skywatcher) with a NEQ5 mount, but I was told by many experts that the mount would be undersized with that  tube, very long and not at all light .. although obviously in the shops they sell them (i mean mount+scope) coupled.
So either I took a smaller diameter tube (150 mm) or I would have had to invest in a more performing mount (and much much more expensive, also considering that as i said, i wanted a goto motorized one).
Regardless of this, I would have had space problems anyway (keeping it mounted was not an option,  since it would take up much more space than the Dobson): in addition, I’ve imagined myself in the garden, able to mount everything, balance the weights etc, and I told myself (and my laziness) that knowing myself I don’t know if I would always have wanted to.

At that point the choice paradoxically became simpler, towards a short tube: between a Makutsov (127mm, more would have been a drain) or … a 150 SC, which is precisely the Celestron tube I bought.
This telescope (Schmidt-Cassegrain type) is excellent for planetary viewing (and also photography, why not).
Furthermore, if I feel like taking professional deep sky photos, I can “transform” stock azimutal mount into equatorial by buying a special wedge and buying a focal reducer.

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