Mamp: a local web server (and not only) with few clicks

I needed a local web server for make some .php experiments whitout transfer data to my website and make them in remote.
I did not have time for install and configure Apache and Php so i was looking for something already configured ready to go application working with few clicks: MAMP
Mac OS X :operating syste, Apache as web server , MySQL – database management system; while P is for  PHP, Python or Perl, (applications web developement languages)
MAMP is basically the equivalent of LAMP platform on Linux servers
Installation is very trivial, at the end will have:
, choose MAMP and click mamp
Once opened, it is enough to click on start icon  startmamp and everything will start.
From here prefmamps  it is possible to change Mamp settings :
Start/stop section:
You can choose if automatically start  server when you’ll start Mamp, if open web start page, if stop service when you’ll quit Mamp
Sezione Ports:
You can modify port number: default port are:Apache : 8888 – Nginx : 7888- MySQL : 8889, but nothing prevents for example to use classic port 80 for Apache (unless it is already used from other service in your machine.
Therefore your website will have this address: https://localhost:8888, clearly if you want use port 80, address will be https://localhost
Php Section
You can choose which Php version to be used
: http://localhost:8888/MAMP/index.php?language=English&page=phpinfo
phpMyAdmin : https://localhost:8888/phpMyAdmin/?lang=en
Web Server section:
You can choose between Apace and Nginx and you can modify root folder (where you have to put your website)
Sezione MySql:
Show Mysql current version

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