Zevenos Neptune – i like it


I’ve found this very interesting distro and i immediately installed it:
First consideration: I wanted Debian Debian Debian:-), I  to try Wheezy with KDE and I must say that, as usual, there is nothing to say, rock-solid distro for server use; I think it is absolutely unbeatable (obviously should be installed without graphics).
However for Desktop use, I’d rather like to have a kernel a little less dated and capable of recognizing without too much trouble most recent devices and of course a Kde version newest than the 4.84.
I discarded Debian testing version because I have no more desire/time to put me to fiddle around every time will be a kernel update; I haven’t even taken into consideration  Sid version (unstable), (then better go directly to Ubuntu and derivatives, but I was not interested about it.)
During my research i’ve found Zevenos Neptune, a Debian-wheezy based 64-bit version of distro Zevenos.
It’s Debian Wheezy but in addition has numerous packages derived from testing version; in practice Zevenos team has recompiled some testing packages for making them compatible for Debian Wheezy version.
So we can find:
kernel: 3.10.5 (with a lot additional drivers)
KDE 4.10.5 (full)
Xorg: 7.7
Libreoffice 4.1
There is also a software Manager named  Apper that has nothing to envy to Synaptic (which I installed anyway)and surely it working  better than Muon, here it is below along with cute drop-down terminal, Yakuake
There is also an interesting menu
After installing I proceeded to Add Nvidia proprietary drivers for my gt630 (i installed the 304.88 from repository) and afterwards I activated and tested the effects of KDE
If you want a really stable distro Debian based, I recommend you try Zevenos Neptune, you won’t be disapointed:-)

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